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Why use LED?

Light comes from many sources,probably the light source that we think of the most would be the Sun. Sunlight contains the entire light spectrum, some of the wavelengths in this spectrum can be especially damaging to our bodies, while others can be extremely beneficial. We have been able to isolate the beneficial wavelengths and amplify them through the use of LED (Light Emitting Diode). LED has been in practical use since the 1960's and until more recently has been found to be a great means of therapy for several different skin conditions. The most effective wavelengths show to be blue, red, and near infrared on the light spectrum. LED differs from the other leading skin therapies for several reasons. The first and foremost, it has been proven to have dramatic effects on several different types of skin conditions! The second, unlike microderm, laser or harmful chemicals, LED is safe and easy to use by almost anyone. Third, the Quantum LED series is affordable to all types of industry professionals and generates a committed, reoccurring client base. This means a small investment for huge
profits, not to mention has little to no risk of hurting anyone.



The Beneficial Powers of the Light Spectrum

Blue LED- Has been approved by the FDA for treatment of both acne causing bacteria (P.acnes) and inflammatory acne vulgaris. Several studies have shown dramatic results when blue LED is used on a normal basis, once a week for a period of up to eight weeks. The biggest reason the LED has such a dramatic effect is because of its ability to penetrate the skin's surface and kill bacteria residing in the dermis of the skin. Other treatments typically involve down time and involve the risk of hurting a client. Blue LED takes only a fraction of time, does not damage the skin and can be combined with other treatments to reach optimum results.

Red LED- Was initially used by NASA in plant growth experiments
in hopes of finding a feasible means of growing plants in space. The studies
concluded the growth rate of the plants tested with red light were considerably faster than plants that received normal light. Upon closer examination, it was determined red LED was actually increasing the metabolism of the plant cells, allowing them to grow and reproduce faster. Since then, it has also been found that red LED also increases blood circulation when applied to the skin.
Recently, red light has been used for skin treatments, especially on traumatized or aged skin. Studies have shown the use of red light improves cell metabolism, increases vascular flow and reduces swelling, allowing more nutrients being transported through the Blood Stream to the hard to reach cells of our skin.
Near Infrared- Recent studies have shown the human body to be about 4%photosynthetic. Near infrared, which is invisible to the human eye, happens to be the most energy absorbent wavelength of the light spectrum. So what does this mean? Our body can take the light energy from near infrared light and convert it into cellular energy. Near infrared has been used for a variety of healing treatments. The army uses near infrared light to treat minor injuries on the front lines of the battlefield. Doctors have recommended the use of near infrared to treat arthritis, chronic pain and sprains. Cancer patients have found success using near infrared treatments as well. Our skin is able to safely absorb large amounts of near infrared light and use it to create and grow skin cells.

Maximizing Results

Combining light treatments can amplify the desired effect when the skin is treated. Studies have been performed using the combination of red and near infrared light to improve the healing and reproduction of skin cells. The theory behind the use of red and near infrared is that the red light will increase blood flow into areas that ordinarily receive a small amount, resulting in a higher rate of cellular metabolism. Near infrared provides an extra source of energy to fuel the new cellular growth. Together, the treatments have been proven to work very well when combined with Quantum Ionization which is another non-invasive technology proven to enhance the health and appearance of one's skin by triggering skin cells to reproduce .For more information on ant-aging benefits please go to ; www.mylightwave.com